Conscious Luxury

At Rose Fulbright we believe that luxury should mean positive things for both our customers and our suppliers. Conscious luxury can be achieved in two separate initiatives.

First, our responsibility is to use and celebrate those manufacturers and suppliers working to be as ethical and sustainable as possible.

Second, we support charities doing ethical and sustainable work.  

Best Practice


The following are examples of efforts Rose Fulbright makes to be as ethical and sustainable as possible:
  • We use local manufacturers, which reduces the carbon footprint involved in shipping, import and export.
  • Our fabrics are sourced, where possible, from environmentally and ethically sound suppliers- for instance we use Organic cotton silk for our beachwear products.
  • We endeavour to minimise fabric wastage by creating new products from off-cuts.
  • We encourage our customers to care properly for their items to make them last longer and reduce waste- through providing thorough information on garment care.
  • We patronise local business people for many other components of the manufacturing process in order to ensure the items are ethically manufactured, and produced under environmentally safe conduct, as well as reducing our carbon footprint:
  • Elastics are manufactured in Nottingham, Britain
  • Elastics are dyed in Leicester, Britain
  • We use ecologically sound certified paper printers based in Gloucester, Britain 
  • The general day-to-day running of the business is mindful- we have recycling systems as well as being conscious of energy consumption and using public transport.

Charity Support

Charity fashion show     Oceana fashion show
We use the Rose Fulbright brand to support worthwhile causes:
  • A percentage of profits from the first edition of the Tropical Collection will go to Oceana, a charity working on initiatives to preserve the worlds oceans.
  • We took part in a charity fashion show hosted by Oceana in March 2015.
  • Items are donated to charity ball fundraisers in Beijing to raise money for infrastructure projects helping rural children in China get access to education.
  • Rose has worked with Beijing-based charity Roundabout to help organise fashion events whose main aim is to raise awareness and money for the charity.