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Responsible Luxury

wall mural of fig leaves 

Responsible Design

At Rose Fulbright we strongly believe that good design should mean positive things for our customers, our suppliers and the planet. Positive impact can be achieved with four separate initiatives.
1. Our responsibility is to use and celebrate those manufacturers and suppliers working to be as ethical and sustainable as possible.
2. We ensure the way we do business is as ethical and sustainable as possible, following our own bespoke sustainability strategy. 
3. We collaborate with and contribute to organisations working to make a long-term difference in how the art and design industry functions.
4. All products are made to be timeless and long lasting. We spread awareness and educate our clients on how to look after their pieces properly to ensure they last as long as possible, and can be passed down to future generations to cherish. 
Click for more information on sustainable garment care.
shell print pattern design

Best Practice

Rose Fulbright sets out in several ways to be as ethical and sustainable as possible:

Rose uses non-toxic, fully natural wall paints for her murals, which encourages a healthier environment both inside and outside.

We use local manufacturers, which reduces the carbon footprint involved in shipping, import and export.

Our fabrics are sourced, from environmentally and ethically sound suppliers – for instance we use organic cotton silk for our beachwear products.

We endeavour to minimise fabric wastage by creating new products from offcuts.

We encourage our customers to care properly for their items to make them last longer and reduce waste- through providing thorough information on garment care.

mosaic tile pattern design

Charity Support

We love to use the Rose Fulbright brand to support worthwhile causes.

When living in Beijing, Rose worked with local charity Roundabout to help organise fashion events where the main aim was to raise awareness and money for the charity. She also donated garments to charity ball fundraisers to raise money for infrastructure projects helping rural children in China get access to education.

Rose's most recent charity work with Rose Fulbright was a portrait painting project, which raised over £2200 in one week to help refugees fleeing war in Ukraine.