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unapologetically pleasing

Established in 2014, Rose Fulbright is an emerging star in the decorative arts world, having been awarded "Beijing Outstanding Fashion Designer of the Year" in 2018, and described by British Vogue as "The Girl Born to Design."

Rose works in paint and ink in her applied arts practice, creating elegant and joyous work that is unapologetically made to please, to adorn every surface you can think of.


Decorative arts to elevate spaces

"I believe in the power of decorative arts to elevate, delight and inspire.

Everything I design or paint starts with a moment of joy, which I endeavour to capture and make timeless, to be enjoyed endlessly."

- Rose Fulbright

Artist Rose creates handcrafted collections for your everyday, from exquisite surface pattern designs for artisanal products to bespoke paintings, painted furniture and interiors.