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The Rose Fulbright Story



Genuinely inspiring, creative and original decorative arts.

"Beauty is an inner sense, and it makes us happy." - Etel Adnan

Working with form, light and colour, Rose believes in the power of decorative arts to elevate, delight and inspire.

Rose's work always starts with a moment of joy in nature and the everyday. Her goal is to make those moments timeless, to be enjoyed endlessly through art works and objects. 

Established in 2014 as a luxury loungewear and lingerie brand, today Rose Fulbright is an award-winning artist and designer creating themed collections of work spanning beautiful, colourful paintings and hand painted furniture along with exquisite surface pattern designs for her artisanal products. 

Described by British Vogue as “The girl born to design.”

Rose's interesting family heritage in design (her grandmother Susan started Portmeirion Pottery, and Lytton Strachey of the Bloomsbury Set was a cousin) gave her a childhood steeped in creativity and innovation.

Having lived and worked in Europe and Asia (where she was awarded "outstanding fashion designer Beijing" in 2018), Rose's love for travel gives a global perspective, and helps to make her style stand out as refreshing and unique but always beautiful and refined. 

Discover the family history