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About Rose Fulbright


"Beauty is an inner sense, and it makes us happy." - Etel Adnan

Raised in a particularly artistic Welsh family, Rose grew up surrounded by the ceramics industry of the Potteries and has a deep connection with form, colour and pattern.

She has been designer, creative and art director of her eponymous clothing-based designer brand Rose Fulbright since 2013. During her career she lived and worked in Beijing for four years, followed by Brussels for five years. 

Rose now lives in London and has focussed more thoroughly on her artistic practice since 2022, making collections of paintings and painted furniture.

A tactile and practically proficient person, Rose works with canvas, silk, paper and wood, in a range of paint mediums from fluid watercolours to house paints and acrylics, which she regularly makes herself from raw pigment powders.

Having used silk for many years in her luxury loungewear designs, Rose has been drawn back to painting on and working with the natural fabric, devising her own preparation methods for creating lasting artworks. Multiple applications of acrylic wash enable Rose to build up paintings in the manner of a watercolorist, and the resulting effect is a beguiling depth and ever-shifting background with an appealing luminescence.

Rose’s work explores the natural world through the lens of a colourist, celebrating moments of joy and playfulness juxtaposed with concepts of the mysterious, sublime power of nature. Her belief, deeply rooted in her upbringing, that art and beauty should be applied to everything that surrounds us, means that her work often spills over onto antique furniture pieces, wall murals and fabric designs, making her painting collections into 360 degree experiences.

Described by British Vogue as “The girl born to design.”

Rose's family heritage in design (her grandmother Susan started Portmeirion Pottery, and Lytton Strachey of the Bloomsbury Set was a cousin) gave her a childhood steeped in creativity and innovation.

Having lived and worked in Europe and Asia (where she was awarded "outstanding fashion designer Beijing" in 2018), Rose's love for travel gives a global perspective, and helps to make her style stand out as refreshing and unique. 

“I aim to create rhythmic, energising depictions of the awe-inspiring moments I find myself in, mostly while travelling with my young family. I am interested in remembering the preciousness of the vitality, freedom, and awe that we all feel when outside.”

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