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Inspired by the colours and dreamlike depictions of the Fauvist movement, Rose studied the jungle and tropical environment on a family holiday to Malaysia and Singapore, to create works that convey the sense of awe and positivity she felt in the tropical environment.

This collection is a celebration of the way nature is constantly taking over – in the jungle, things grow forwards continuously. Rose is interested to bring this feeling into interiors with large-scale works and vibrant, unapologetic depictions of plants.

A deep interest in sustainable design has led Rose to think about repairing and painting onto unloved furniture she has selected from the antique shops of Brussels. These handcrafted pieces, refreshed with Rose’s joyous botanical depictions, are made to be cherished as future heirlooms. 

William Morris pioneered the ethos that Rose’s grandmother Susan Williams-Ellis continued with her pottery - that everyone should have the right to access beautiful things, and that beautiful art should be intertwined with the habited space. Rose is interested to blur the lines between fine and decorative arts, re-working her paintings as wallpapers and fabrics, to broaden the use and appeal of this collection.

The goal of this body of work is to create pieces that will be passed down within families or friendships, and to inspire current and future generations of the power and worth of nature.