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Brand Collaborations

Rose loves to collaborate with creative and thought-provoking brands to produce new visually astounding work. If you are interested to work together, please contact us.

Rose Fulbright for Portmeirion


Project currently in progress.


The Susan Williams-Ellis Collection by Rose Fulbright

The Susan Williams-Ellis collection brand label

Rose has curated and designed a capsule range of homeware and giftware to complement the vision and prolific works of her grandmother, Susan Williams-Ellis. These new items will feature unseen works by Susan, which until now, have been hidden away in archives at Portmeirion Village in North Wales.

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The Burj Al Arab: A Collection by Rose Fulbright

This bespoke range features Rose’s exclusive hand-painted print inspired by the patterns and colours of Arabic mosaics, reflecting in particular mosaics found in the iconic landmark, The Burj Al Arab. 

Rose Fulbright for Morgan Motors

Inspired by the timeless luxury of British-made Morgan Cars, Rose created a bespoke textile design featuring a hand-painted watercolour of the inimitable Plus 4 model.