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Our Fabrics

Silk Lingerie

We source the silk we use to make our Graphite collection from a highly respected London company who have been trading silk since the early 1900s. Their silk is produced all over the world from ethically sound factories with the best technical skills in silk weaving.

The silk that we use at Rose Fulbright for the Graphite collection is the heaviest stretch crepe backed satin available, at 95gsm (grams per square metre). This gives the silk a luxurious, heavy liquid feel, which is quite cool to the touch. 

Satin Lingerie

In order to provide an everyday alternative to silk lingerie items, we designed some pieces in an Italian polyester satin. The satin for our Blush and Pearl lingerie sets is made in Italy by a well-established company. The heavy weave of this satin means it is perfect for figure hugging, slimming garments, and it is easily machine washable.  

Our lingerie pieces are all self-lined, so the satin side of the fabric shows both on the outside providing glamour and sophistication as well as on the inside, against the body. This makes for soft, sensuous and supportive garments, that provide luxurious comfort at the same time as looking beautiful.

Silk Loungewear

The silks used in our loungewear collections come from many different sources.

For exclusive Rose Fulbright prints, we work with a family printer based in Suzhou, China, where the finest silks have been woven for nearly 4,000 years. The printers use ecologically safe certified inks, and the finest woven silk satins and chiffons. The patterns arrive beautifully coloured and printed, on the heaviest weight silk satin.

The plain silk we use is from a well-known British company, purveyors of the finest European silks to Britain's leading fashion designers. This same silk fabric was used in Pippa Middleton's bridesmaid dress for the marriage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, proving the quality of the silks we use in our designs. 

Organic Cotton Silk

We are excited to be using lightweight organic cotton silk for our first beachwear collection this season. This fabric was chosen for its natural fibres, and performance- it keeps the wearer cool in the heat, and dries out quickly. 

Our organic cotton silk is manufactured by the only Global Organic Textile Standard certified company in China, and we are proud to be supporting the organic textile industry there. 

Caring for silk garments

The finest things in life need special care and attention. Rose Fulbright British-made silk garments must be cared for properly. We encourage our customers to look after their items carefully, minimising the need for replacements. For more information on how to care for silk, click here.