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Mending and Recycling

Making Our Brand More Circular

We are determined to make sure that Rose Fulbright has a positive impact on the world, and a key part of that involves our garments' lifecycles.
We aim to help your ensure your items last longer through offering industry-leading garment care advice from Blanc.
We do our best to make all our garments to the highest quality, but we understand that with regular wear, clothes can become damaged. This is why we offer a FREE mending service to all Rose Fulbright customers in the UK and Europe. 
For any items that are beyond repair, we offer a £50 voucher for anything returned, so that we can recycle it responsibly. We also offer an upcycling design service if you want to completely change your item - get in touch with us to find out more about this bespoke service.
If you would like to mend, upcycle or recycle any of your Rose Fulbright items, simply send us an email : info@rosefulbright.com and we will be glad to help you.