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Caring for your items

Tips for washing silk

  • Silk garments must not be machine washed. Machine washing will break down the delicate silk fibres, and may dull the satin sheen of your garment. It will also degrade the silk slowly, meaning your items will not last.

  • You may hand wash your items very carefully in lukewarm water with mild detergent, for no longer than a few minutes.

  • Dry cleaning will keep the silk in perfect condition. We recommend that our customers look into green dry cleaners or organic dry cleaning services that use non-toxic methods such as liquid CO2 or silicone based solvents. Click here to find out more about green dry-cleaning.

  • As with all fine fabrics, never use chlorine bleach on silk, as it will erode the fiber and discolour the fabric.

  • After hand washing, hang the garment to dry, out of direct sunlight. 

Tips for washing cotton silk

  • You may wash this item in the machine on a ‘delicates’ setting, using water of 30 degrees celcius or less, with mild detergent.
  • You may also hand wash your items in lukewarm water with mild detergent.


  • Clothes moths love silk, and in order to protect against them, we recommend you deter moths with balls of cedar, hung in your wardrobe or placed in a drawer with your garments.
  • If you find moths in your wardrobe or drawers, a toxin-free way to get rid of them is to place your items in a plastic bag, and leave them in the freezer for a few days, which will freeze any eggs left behind. 

Wrinkle removal tips

  • Silk is wonderful to travel with, as it is light and packs up very small.

  • Most wrinkles in silk can be removed by hanging the garment in the bathroom during your shower. The steam will remove the wrinkles for you.

  • When ironing silk, make sure the iron is on the cool 'silk' setting.

  • Too much heat can dull, pucker, or burn silk fabric

  • Do not wet locally as this may cause rings 

Garment care is an important aspect of living sustainably. The more high quality garments we own, the more we can do to look after them properly, and minimise waste.