The Tropical Loungewear Collection

Let yourself drift away to a pristine beach with The Tropical Collection, a decadent selection of silk loungewear featuring an exotic exclusive print using the paintings of British artist, Susan Williams-Ellis, Rose's grandmother. 

Susan was a renowned designer, artist and adventuress who enjoyed a life-long passion for scuba-diving, painting fish from life in the Pacific, Caribbean, Indian and Atlantic Oceans. 

Glide around in elegant styles inspired by loungewear pieces favoured by the glamorous Bloomsbury Set of 1920s London.

Susan Williams-Ellis tropical fish paintings
Sketch of fish by Susan Williams-Ellis
Paintings of tropical fish by Susan Williams-Ellis
Sketch of a fish by Susan Williams-Ellis
 Photography: Doh Lee and Thea Baddiley   .   Hair and Make-up: Elena Diaz   .    Art Direction: Rose Fulbright-Vickers

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