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The very word conjures up a confection of delicate ruffles, the swish of a translucent veil in the breeze or the sensual hint of naked body under silk. But what is it?

What is chiffon?

This gorgeous fabric is the lightest weight of silk that it is possible to make clothing out of. It is quite translucent and floaty, being picked up by the slightest breeze. The uses are mainly in occasion wear, bridal wear or lingerie, because it is such an expensive fabric and requires extremely skilled seamstresses to work with it to maximum effect.

The Romance of a Fabric

There is great power in clothes - just think of the cosy feeling you get from seeing a beautiful chunky knitted jumper – or the sensuous and luxurious feeling of silk satin with a subtle shine.

Silk chiffon is the most romantic of fabrics. It is so ready for excitement that it can be lifted to a fluttering jubilance at the tiniest shift in a body’s movement, or the slightest distant breeze. To pose wearing it is to invite the camera (or gaze) to adore you, to admire the way the fabric simultaneously clings to and caresses the body, both showcasing the wearer and itself.

Chifon Robe
Bridal Chifon Cape

A Perfect Bridal Choice

If any of the above has inspired you for your wedding outfit, proceed with caution: gone are the days of multiple flounces from top to toe, and this material, when ‘done’ in a passé way, can be utterly criminal.

For a less committed take on this material for your wedding dress, you could always add a fluttering cape, such as our Tavua Robe, which is perfect for a tropical or destination wedding. See how You & Your Wedding styled this item for their “beach wedding” story.

Bridal Style

Our bridal service is unavailable, but we have searched high and low to find every item of a wide range of price and size with inspiring results. Watch this space for our menu of gorgeous pieces, to find your ideal look.

A Honeymoon Staple

Speaking of the Tavua, this beauty would be a versatile investment, taking you from wedding to honeymoon in just one step! Simply attach at the waist with the silk crepe belt and you have a dreamy honeymoon dressing gown to slip on when room service arrives, just transparent enough that no-one will notice until you’re alone with your betrothed again…

If you’re after something a little more sultry, our Bay Chiffon Robe is the perfect boudoir piece with a similar effect. One size fits all, and simply stunning when worn over nothing, the material frames and enhances the body through multiple angles and layers of transparency. A showstopper - it is sure to please your new spouse, who will be in awe, content to gaze.

Something Similar?

If through your search you've found that the price of this heavenly fabric is a little out of your budget, fear not! There are some fabrics and cuts that may have an effect you like. If your preferences are for billowing drama, our women's cocoon beach robes are one size and hand made in organic silk cotton.

They're beautifully light and, as they open at the front they create a gorgeous cape effect, perfect for lazy pool moments or for slipping over your swimsuit to get from beach to bar. The honeymoon is the time to forget all the wed-min and stress, and luxuriate in the beauty that you two are now blissfully unavailable and able to cement your content, dreamy state as newlyweds.

Dreamy Fashion Films

Don’t just take our word for it – learn about the beautiful effect of this lightest of fabrics when worn open or closed on a moving body, and it may just make you forget the price - have a look at our fashion film above.

See It in Action

Have a browse through our images and see what you think - we think the results are stunning, and our women's pieces may just make you look like models do in ads. Already a customer? We'd love to see your photos, and are open to any request or suggestion you may have for a different kind of item in this material.

Feeling inspired?

For advice on how to find pieces on the menu on our site, please send us an email request for information, we promise we will help you find something you really like!

Chifon Robe