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Not the most attractive phrase, some might say, but high waist knickers hold a strong allure for those who know how to wear and appreciate them!

Burlesque Style

Originally a comedic performance in 1860s America, Burlesque gradually evolved to include female nudity, and eventually the striptease took over the genre in the 1920s. Despite what you may think, Burlesque is not just about posing in lingerie, or getting naked. The dance is finely tuned to take the viewer (and often the dancer) on a playful visual exploration of the female form, through movements, props and clothing.

American Burlesque

The classic American burlesque dance genre popular in pre-prohibition era nightclubs inspired a revival in the late 1990s, sometimes called Neo-Burlesque, with performers such as Dita Von Teese and Julie Atlas Muz becoming famous for their style of artistic, beautiful and racy performances with rave reviews.

American High Waisted Knickers

Watch The Waist

One of the most erotic parts of the female form is the waist and hips, and the choice of a high waist pair highlights this area of the body, flattering and accentuating the curves. One of the main attractions of a waist knicker for women is that it will create a smooth hourglass figure on most body types. As our friends who know their stuff will tell you, this effect is even more alluring if the knicker is in satin in a flattering colour.

The Art of Elegant Seduction

Burlesque schools teaching sensuous dance have popped up all over the world, encouraging women and men to explore their playful, sensual side. No matter your size, you can, it appears, learn to move in a free and natural way, to better emphasise your best bits.

Grey Satin High Waisted Knickers

Boudoir Style

So, what to wear while you're sinuously unfurling in front of the mirror/your partner/an audience?

Well, the striptease is all about the art of anticipation, and what better than an over size beautiful silk robe in heavy, luxurious material to make the eyes search? A suspender beneath will add visual details to simple lace panties. Or you may also like to wear soft satin high waisted underwear, which would pack a visual punch without any effort at all.

Practical and Pretty Lingerie

There are plenty of occasions where you'll find that a pair of these panties are the most practical choice. For example, we have quite a few brides who, at the end of their search, choose this style to create a smooth line beneath their wedding dress.

They are perfect under a skirt or trousers, again, for the smooth line- who wants their 'muffin top' to show underneath the fabric of a beautiful pair of high rise wide leg trousers?

Easy to wash, our Blush and Pearl styles come in three size options and are definitely a practical choice.

Satin High : Made to be Seen

One more thing about these garments - they're actually quite demure, no matter your size, and are probably the only panties you'd be ok showing off in public. Search the web and you will find multiple examples of chic outfits showing off this kind of lingerie. For example, the chic balance under a transparent skirt with a simple t-shirt was championed by Olivia Culpo, see below. Just accept it- this look is amazing!

The High Waisted Knickers for You

Search our menu of lingerie which come in different categories, each in a pretty colour. Soft silk satin is the most luxurious choice, and poly satin is a lower price, easier to wash and therefore a more practical choice for those who want to wear them for every day.

Read our five star reviews of these knickers- they are a favourite with our customers. Our brand not only makes all pieces by hand in the United Kingdom, we also provide free worldwide delivery!

For more details or help finding your size, head to our site and get in touch for more information about delivery details.

White High Waisted Knickers