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A walk-through look at the easiest item in our capsule collections: the silk dressing gown. We've moved on apace from the cosy bathrobe. These days it's the kimono-style silk robe that's turning heads as we wear it around town, combining dazzling patterns with jeans and cami tops, with myriad additional items.

Women’s robes

Possibly the most versatile and simple item in our wardrobes, a silk robe is an essential capsule piece, since it can be worn as indoor or outerwear, dressed up or down, in summer or winter fabrics. Add a sweet slip dress for day and tuxedo trousers for night and your search for the perfect outfit is over. Our collection has a range of robes – some belted, some open, some full-length and some that are more like beach capes. We love the variety that a simple robe affords - just add attitude.

Kimono inspiration

Sometimes the term ‘kimono’ is used when we mean to say ‘robe’ or ‘gown’. Usually the garment in question is made from fine fabric in an exotic print, hence the connection to the rather stylised Japanese garment. But if you know your fashion, you’ll know that a kimono is something entirely unique with a long history of symbolism and culture.

Butterfly colours

For their original use kimonos were subtle, slightly formal gowns with patterns only visible if you peeled back the layers. As they grew in iconic status, colour and style adorned the outer panels too, and became more dramatic and complex. Now when we think of a kimono, we expect top-to-toe detail. In fact some of our own favourites just have subtle hints around wrist and hem, suggesting pattern rather than screaming it. Search our featured categories to find one that works for you.

Loungewear as outerwear

We’re fans of inside-out fashion: what could be considered nightwear we will happily fling on over a pair of shorts for daywear, or smart evening trousers. Our robes are too beautiful to hide away, so we design them as garments that can be worn wherever you happen to be, and for all occasions. Add some complementary accessories and you’re good to go.

Celebrities working the look

It’s easy to celeb-spot the waist-tied robe look as more and more high-profile cape-lovers don them for streetwear. Rihanna was spotted in a raspberry pink short cape; Katie Holmes wore a long purple kimono cape over jeans to step out in NYC. Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Gaga and Drew Barrymore have also sported kimono capes as women's outerwear and for good reason. A robe is simply the easiest way to add luxury and style to a daytime look, and suits the climate in the United Kingdom quite well, as you'll be ready for those sudden chilly breezes that can plague a picnic in the park.

Men in robes

The best thing about the kimono robe is that it's not just relegated to women's wardrobes. As featured on Jerry Lewis in Geisha Boy, as worn on stage by Freddie Mercury unfurling before the mike, and as seen when John Lennon posed with Yoko, men look great in kimonos. This is because the intention was always for everyone to wear them, men and women. The gender neutral aspect of this easy-to-wear item means it's one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe, and will add fashion kudos to any outfit.

Luxury dressing gowns

These days our soft, terry-towelled dressing gowns have been relegated to the back of the airing cupboard. We fling our luxury robes over the back of the nearest dressing chair, ready to pick up next time we’re stepping out (to be worn over basically any kind of clothing). Bonus - they also add a wonderful, sophisticated vibe to your interior when not being worn. For the best experience when using a kimono robe, add heels and wear yours with love and pride and just a touch of nostalgia. Take inspiration from our online shop, where you will find many different related items in clearly designated categories that have been featured in the best fashion magazines all over the world.