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Nothing says ‘luxury’ like a long silk nightdress – that’s what costume designer Leah Rhodes must have had in mind when she dressed Lauren Bacall for The Big Sleep. The resplendent look from that bedroom scene has been copied countless times, and it’s easy to see why.

How to emulate timeless style

We're a brand that draws inspiration from classic sources, so we dipped into the archives for a search through the silver screen lingerie drawer. Just popping on a long silk nightdress in your favourite colour is enough to make you feel luxurious. Which film star will you emulate?

Pillow Talk pyjamas

Playing an interior designer in this rom com, Doris Day's witty delivery matches her fun feminine nightwear. Switching from lace chemise and peignoir to emerald green silk mandarin pyjama set, Doris wears the outfits with her own sweet style, setting a trend for silk loungewear that fitted and flattered. We’ll forgive her the pink fleece dressing gown: in any case it perfectly complemented her feminine blonde bob and elegant neckline.

Find your set

Search our store and add this soft silk PJ set in sky blue to your basket. Ideal for stay-at-home lounging, or bedwear as outerwear (with or without pillows).

Pink Knee Length Night Dress - Audrey Hepburn

How to Steal a Million long robe

Also rocking the colour pink, Audrey Hepburn stars in this classic bank heist opposite Peter O’Toole. The shot of her sneaking downstairs with gun in hand in a long-sleeved nightdress is iconic. Nightwear then transforms into outdoor clothing, as Hepburn pulls on galoshes and a pink overcoat, and heads out for the next exciting instalment, O’Toole in tow.

Choose your gown

Audrey’s long-sleeved pink nightdress works as daywear, but you may as well search for a silk dress with intention. Our luxurious Coquine Balloon Dress is perfect for day or nightwear. Mark the page and add a strappy bag, but leave the heist at home.

Dinner at 8 nightwear

Animal magic steals the show with Jean Harlow draped in an ostrich-feather robe in this 1930s comedy drama. Sultry in silk satin, Harlow twinkles in a sequinned gown, hint of shoulder showing under swathes of fabric.

Copy the shape

With our Maui Beach Robe wrapped around your shoulders, you're free to Harlow it up at home or out all night.

The Big Sleep long robe

Who doesn’t harbour a longing for Lauren Bacall’s long silk nightgown? Her nights in white satin are the focal point of this film noir from the book by Raymond Chandler. All that’s left to arrange are a few plush settings, an outsized headboard and Humphrey Bogart.

Catch some zzzs

We think our tropical full-length Bequia Long Silk Robe is a relaxed version of Bacall’s nightwear. Ours is patterned in colour so you can flaunt it as daywear clothing too.

Floaty Night Dress - Lauren Bacall
White Silk Nightdress - Liz Taylor

Cat on A Hot Tin Roof nightdress

Liz Taylor looks stunning in her close-fitting strappy nightdress, and sports similar lingerie in Butterfield 8. Staying style-consistent across two films confirms her reputation as an actress with more than a hint of chic.

Slip it on

Our Coquine Short Silk Slip Dress is perfectly on-brand, with a little more wiggle room than Taylor’s sheath version. Comfort combines with a sultry shape to mesmerise and flatter.

Rear Window long silk nightdress

Framed in a doorway, hand on hip and swathed in satin from head to toe, there's no denying Grace Kelly's peachy robe is a scene-stealer in this 1950s thriller. This halterneck style beauty, in a colour that perfectly matches Kelly's creamy skin, was one of many enviable fashion changes, making the film a must for style critics.

Shimmer in chiffon

Just as floaty with a relaxed halterneck style, our Tavua Chiffon Robe will elevate your bedroom collection to Kelly standards. Make sure you're perfectly framed in front of that window, then strike a pose.

Pink Silk Night Dress - Grace Kelly
Long Silk Dressing Gown - Keira Knightley

Pirates of the Caribbean dressing gown

All at sea but still immaculately dressed, Keira Knightley alternates between action girl, comedienne and romantic lead in this nautical modern comedy. Across all of the films, Knightley had a famously extensive wardrobe, including a good helping of silk and satin favourites, but we love her long flowing nightgown most of all.

Steal the scene

Add a Keira dressing gown to your own collection. Our Cocoon Beach Robe has more than a touch of 'Elizabeth Swann' about it.

Star style in silk

Our long nightdresses can be worn as daywear, loungewear or beachwear. Shop across all our categories for a style that makes you shine. Who knows, you might be screen-spotted, so bring a pen for autographs!