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Can a luxury silk dressing gown lift your mood?

A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes.’ Vera Wang’s classic quote is a direct reflection of our own design ethos. Self-care and dressing well for ones own personal pleasure is a mantra we live by, because when we feel amazing, we look amazing.

The dressing gown as home wear

The humble dressing gown worn only for nightwear has long had a luxurious, sultry sister – those long silk dressing gown robes draped across the screen icons of the 30s and 40s. Rescued from their tissue-wrapped confines and reinstated as a staple, rather than a luxury, the long satin robe is now a key part of anyone's wardrobe – nothing says pleasure like the feel of smooth silk against skin.

Silk to soothe your mood

Choosing materials that make you feel wonderful is an essential part of the decision-making process when building a wardrobe, and there are no better materials than natural fibres like crisp linens and shots of cotton and silk. Silk dressing is a perfect way to lift your mood- imagine the brush of a cool silk slip dress against warm sunny skin in the morning. Shed a happy light on the day to come; silk dressing takes hardly any effort and becomes a pleasure. Just add coffee, toast and an early dip in the pool...

The power of pattern

Search beyond the thick terry-towel dressing gowns and nighties of bedrooms past, and pick a pattern that lifts your mood – this is such an easy in-route to filling your wardrobe with positive emotion. Majestic in rich prints, from geometric lines to darling buds, your favourite silk dressing gown will have you turning heads and sparking conversation, as well as feeling wonderful.

The first cut

Bias-cut, low-slung, draped and belted, the way we wear our clothes contributes to how they make us feel – and we think ‘relaxed’ is as strong a keyword as 'beauty'. Our clothes are designed to flow from top to toe, from the silk dressing gown to the silk slip dress - ensuring you feel gorgeous and confident as well as look it. Check the size guide on our site if you’re not sure what size works for you: we want to make sure you get the best fit.

Emotional colour coding

It’s probably a safe bet that we all view yellow as a happy colour; everyone knows that red denotes passion and that green is a fresh colour signifying renewed growth and calm. But did you know that purple is associated with creativity and mystery, and turquoise for wisdom and serenity? No wonder one of the most popular gowns on our site is the Thalia Silk Robe - it’s got a bit of everything in it. Colours are powerful - select your favourites and wear with confidence and a bright smile.

Stylish sensuality

One of the best things about summer is throwing on a single item before adding easy accessories, like strappy sandals and a bag, then heading out. A loose silk dress allows for freedom of movement in both body and mind. Stop the search with our silk Coquine Balloon Dress: elegant and comfortable, it's an instant mood-lifter when dressing and out and about, and one of our favourites.

Dress in your favourites for delight

Shopping for clothes to wear for pleasure has become crucial to our sense of wellbeing, and feeling comfortable in your silk slip dress or silk dressing gown is as important as what the garments look like. Pay attention to cut, and make sure the items fit like a dream to become your absolute favourites. We have guides and helpers to assist if you have any queries on size and styling of a particular silk pyjama or silk dressing gown.

Do it for you

We dress for ourselves, for looks and for mood. Here at Rose Fulbright we believe that choosing perfectly spirit-lifting clothes is one of life’s pleasures: we're here to help you embrace the fact that fashion is about feeling amazing as well as looking beautiful. A silk dressing gown is going to make you feel your most beautiful, sexy and confident self- see for yourself in our 5* reviews!

Know your self

Everyone has their favourites – which ones are yours? Knowing what to wear and how to wear it is something that comes naturally and can also be cultivated. The better you know what works for you, the better you’ll begin to feel. One thing is for certain - a silk dressing gown will get your day off to the best start possible. Our brand offers a range of nightwear, silk clothing and gifts for all tastes, plus help and advice if you need it, so you can shop with confidence.